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Brain injury collaborative network

Williams & Abisambra

On Jan 9, 2023, Drs. Lakiesha Williams and Joe Abisambra kicked off the first BRAIN Building of the year! Along with special guest Dr. Mike Pizzi, they discussed “Developing the Brain Injury Collaborative Network: Basic Sciences.”

williams and abisambra

SCI & Oxygen Therapeutics

Spiess & Bose

On October 21, 2021, Drs. Bruce Spiess and Prodip Bose shared current research into “Spinal Cord Ischemia Models & the Use of Oxygen Therapeutics to Preserve Function.”


Frontiers of Tau

Abisambra & Asken

On Nov. 10, 2020, Drs. Joe Abisambra and Breton Asken kicked off our BRAIN Building series with “Frontiers of Tau: From Biomarkers to Interventions.”