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Read the Latest from the Abisambra Lab

BRAIN Steering Committee member, Joe Abisambra, PhD, and his team research how broad kinase inhibition mitigates early neuronal dysfunction in tauopathy.

Sleep Saboteurs

In Ocala Style Magazine, Center Director Dr. Michael Jaffee discusses the importance of sleep on brain health and offers advice for better sleep.

Center Member Canderlario-Jalil in Experimental Neurology

BRAIN Center member, Eduardo Candelario-Jalil, PhD, explores the “Impact of aging and comorbidities on ischemic stroke outcomes in preclinical animal models: A translational perspective” in an invited review article for a special issue of Experimental Neurology.

Our Community, Our Health Town Hall

One year ago, members of the UF BRAIN Center teamed up with HealthStreet and Joseph Giacino, Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard, for the Our Community, Our Health (OCOH) Town Hall on Traumatic Brain Injury. While the emergence of COVID-19…

Center Director Featured on Radio Health Journal Podcast

Center Director Dr. Mike Jaffee recently joined Dr. Muhammad Adeel Rishi (Mayo Clinic) and Dr. Steve Hanke (Johns Hopkins University) on the Radio Health Journal podcast to discuss “The Downside of Springing Ahead.” They examine the annual switch to Daylight Saving Time and how it brings more accidents, heart attacks,…

Brain Awareness Week

The UF BRAIN Center is excited to be teaming up with the North Central Florida SfN society to promote brain and helmet safety during Brain Awareness Week. March 15-20, members of NCF SfN will zoom in with participating classrooms across Alachua County to lead fun, interactive…