Neuropsychology Core

Correlation of brain injury with quantifiable assessment and measurement of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional domains to assist in treatment planning and prognosis. Optimization and development of techniques to provide quantitative clinical markers of recovery  in these domains.

 Researcher/Clinician NameTitleDepartmentSpecialties
Russ Bauer Russell Bauer, PhD, ABPPProfessorDepartment of Clinical & Health PsychologyClinical neuropsychology, traumatic brain injury
CohenRonald A Cohen, PhD, ABPPProfessor and Director of Clinical Translational Research in Cognitive Aging and MemoryDepartment of Clinical and Health PsychologyClinical and experimental neuropsychology, cognitive and clinical neuroscience, neuropsychology of attention
Heaton Shelley C Heaton, PhDClinical Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Pediatric Brain Injury ProgramDepartment of Clinical and Health PsychologyCognitive and behavioral outcomes after pediatric traumatic brain injury
Mike JaffeeMichael Jaffee, MD, FAAN, FANAProfessor, Vice Chair of Neurology, and Center DirectorDepartment of NeurologyTraumatic brain injury, concussion, sleep disorders
G SmithGlenn E Smith PhD, ABPP-CNProfessor and ChairDepartment of Clinical and Health Psychology Detection of neurodegenerative diseases, behavioral interventions to prevent or delay dementia
WilliamsonJohn B Williamson, PhDAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Clinical and Health PsychologyInteracting effects of neurological injury and chronic stress on the brain
WoodsAdam Woods, PhDAssociate Professor and Assistant Director of the Center for Cognitive Aging and MemoryDepartment of Clinical and Health PsychologyCognitive function in aging humans, noninvasive brain stimulation and imaging