Strategic Planning Retreat

The BRAIN Center was pleased to host a Strategic Planning Retreat at the beautiful Stern Learning Center on the UF Austin Cary Forest Campus on September 20, 2022. Facilitated by UFHR Training & Organizational Development, center members had an opportunity to discuss their shared definition of the Center’s success in an environment that allowed for robust conversations and diverse perspectives. The agenda included an overview by Director Michael Jaffee, MD, a synthesis of areas of expertise and potential collaborative opportunities presented by Steering Committee member and MBI Deputy Director Steven DeKosky, MD, and an outline of CTRND and MBI resources by Matt LaVoie, PhD, and Jada Lewis, PhD. However, the majority of the day was dedicated to activities, such as a buddy walk and a “World Cafe” Q&A session, that allowed over 50 attendees to interact across disciplinary lines. The day ended with words of wisdom from BRAIN Deputy Director Joe Abisambra, PhD:

We are a community that craves collaboration. We align our scientific and clinical diversity to achieve excellence. We are committed to our collective growth. We are learners and explorers engaged in improving the quality of life after acquired CNS trauma.

Joe Abisambra, Center Deputy Director

Learn more about key takeaways from the retreat and how we plan to move forward over the next year in our Retreat Overview.

Images from the BRAIN Strategic Planning Retreat