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Behind the Scenes with Kate Casey-Sawicki

As the assistant director of UF’s Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE) Center as well as UF’s Brain Injury, Rehabilitation, and Neuroresilience (BRAIN) Center, Kate Casey-Sawicki‘s duties are wide-ranging, including grant writing, marketing and communications, management of training grants, web design, event planning and general project management.

BRAIN Building: Williams & Abisambra

Join us via Zoom on Monday, Jan 9 at 12 pm for the first UF BRAIN Building of the year! Center Steering Committee members Dr. Lakiesha Williams and Dr. Joe Abisambra will discuss “Developing the Brain Injury Collaborative Network: Basic Sciences.” Anyone interested in building a collective infrastructure with the expertise to empower BRAIN Center members’…

Dorian Rose Featured in Brooks Beyond Magazine

Dorian Rose, a member of BRAIN member and the Brooks/UF–PHHP Research Collaboration, was recently featured in Brooks Beyond Magazine. A world-class expert in neurorehabilitation, Dr. Rose spoke about her most research work.

BRAIN Center Members Lead the Way in Concussion Science

In a major week for concussion science across the United States and Europe, BRAIN Center members and alumni were represented across the board! Aliyah Snyder, PhD, and Michael Jaffee, MD, at the AAN Sports Concussion Course in Las Vegas. Dr. Michael Jaffee, Vice Chair of…

Adropin Treatment Shows Promise to Limit Post-stroke Brain Damage in Mouse Study

Center member Eduardo Canderlario-Jalil and his team have identified a new potential way to minimize brain damage caused by ischemic stroke: treatment using a synthetic form of adropin, a molecule naturally produced in mammals. Findings from the preclinical mouse-model study, published today in the journal Stroke, offer hope of adding…